Alpex Solar share price target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 to 2030

In this article, we delve into a comprehensive analysis of Alpex solar limited share price targets for the years 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030, 2040, and 2050. Our examination spans various perspectives, including financial metrics, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and more.

About Alpex Solar

Reliable Solar Panels & Energy Solutions Since 1993. Alpex Solar is your trusted source for high-efficiency solar panels. We offer monocrystalline, polycrystalline, bifacial, mono PERC, and Half-Cut modules. Along with panels, we provide solar energy solutions, including AC/DC solar pumps. Top clients: Solarworld, BVG India, Tata Power, and more. ISO-certified for quality.

Founded August 27, 1993
Listing DateFebruary 15, 2024
Chairman & MDAshwani Sehgal
SectorSolar Panel Manufacturing
HeadquartersGreater Noida

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Financial Details

As of February 18, 2024, the company’s market capitalization stands at ₹ 888 Cr crores.

Its stock price-to-earnings ratio is 234, indicating the market’s valuation of the stock relative to its earnings.

The return on capital employed (ROCE) is at 14.0%, reflecting the efficiency of capital utilization. Additionally, the return on equity (ROE) is reported at 9.58%, indicating the company’s profitability relative to shareholders’ equity.

The debt-to-equity ratio is 0.85, suggesting the company’s financial leverage and its ability to cover its obligations. The total debt amounts to ₹41.8 crores.

Promoter holding is at 68.76%, indicating the percentage of shares held by the company’s promoters. Meanwhile, public holding represents 31.24% of the shares outstanding.

The earnings per share (EPS) is reported at ₹6.22, indicating the company’s profit attributable to each outstanding share. The sales growth stands at a robust 17.14%, showcasing the company’s performance in generating revenue over a specified period.

Market Cap₹ 888 CrStock P/E234
ROCE14.0 %ROE9.58 %
Debt to equity0.85Debt₹ 41.8 Cr
Promoter Holding68.76%Public Holding31.24%
EPS6.22Sales growth17.14%
as of 18 Feb 2024

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Financial Statement

As of September 2023, the net sales reached ₹213 crores, showing a steady increase from ₹195 crores in 2023, ₹166 crores in 2022, and ₹149 crores in 2021.

Concurrently, expenses also rose, reaching ₹199 crores in 2023, compared to ₹183 crores in 2022 and ₹161 crores in 2021.

Despite the upward trend in expenses, the profit after tax showed improvement, standing at ₹8 crores in 2023, up from ₹3 crores in 2022, and ₹0 crores in 2021, although it dipped slightly from ₹4 crores in 2020.

ParticularsSep 2023202320222021
Net Sales213195166149
Profit After Tax8304
as of 18 Feb 2024 (₹ amount in crores)

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Alpex solar share price target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

Alpex solar was listed on 15 Feb 2024 at ₹329 marking a gain of over 200% from the offer price of ₹115 . We are going to analyse the fundamentals of the company and Recent Rooftop solar scheme by PM Narender Modi might affect this stock heavily in a positive way.

YearMin TargetMax Target
as of 09 Feb 24

As of February 9, 2024, Alpex Solar’s projected targets for the years ahead indicate a steady increase in value.

In 2024, the minimum share price target is set at ₹336, while the maximum share price target stands at ₹377.

Looking ahead to 2025, the minimum share price target rises to ₹422, with the maximum target reaching ₹506.

This upward trend continues in subsequent years, with the minimum and maximum share price targets for 2026 projected at ₹526 and ₹567 respectively.

Moving forward to 2027, the share price targets escalate further to a minimum of ₹612 and a maximum of ₹762.

In 2028, the minimum share price target surges to ₹835, while the share price maximum target reaches ₹914.

The targets for 2029 indicate a further escalation, with the minimum target projected at ₹1,023 and the maximum target at ₹1,229.

Looking even further ahead to 2030, the projections demonstrate even higher expectations. The minimum target for that year is anticipated to reach ₹1,398, while the maximum target is projected at ₹1,651.

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Positive and Negative Points of Alpex Solar Ltd


  • Situated in a well-developed industrial area, the company’s factory enjoys a strategic location.
  • With a robust supplier base, the company ensures a reliable source of raw materials/products.
  • The company boasts accreditation with several quality certifications, underscoring its commitment to excellence.
  • In addition to solar PV module manufacturing, the company offers EPC services, providing added value to its offerings.
  • Positioned to capitalize on the growing adoption of green energy in India, the company is well-aligned with market trends.
  • With a longstanding client base, the company demonstrates its reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Backed by an experienced promoter and management team, the company benefits from strong leadership and expertise.


  • The company relies heavily on its top five clients to generate revenue.
  • A significant portion of its revenue is concentrated in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Operating within a fiercely competitive industry, the company faces intense market competition.
  • Historical data indicates instances of negative cash flows.
  • Vulnerable to fluctuations in exchange rates, the company’s financial performance may be impacted by currency value fluctuations.


Investing in stock market is risky and subject to the market condition. This article provides an examination of the company for educational purposes only. We are not SEBI( Stock exchange board of India) registered advisors, and this is not an investment advice. We do not provide tips or calls. Before making any investment decisions, please conduct your own research or consult a qualified financial advisor.

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